If Magic and sorcery were real….

If magic and sorcery were real, it would be classed as terrorism. If you had creative power to shape your own destiny, how log would you survive against a ruthless government?

Imagine if magic and sorcery were real, that you or some people you knew were able to create things out of thin air, to transform objects around them with a few words and a wave of the hand.
How do you think global corporations and multinationals who depend on people working to earn money to buy their stuff would react? How do you think governments who need workers taxes and who implement laws that with the help of corporations, maintain control by ensuring class, gender and race issues keep us divided.
Imagine a world where magic was real, that girls were born with the power and were tested at birth, with magicians being taken away to secret prison laboratories. A world were boys developed their powers in adolescence so were regularly tested and those with powers lobotomised into mindless, menial workers.
If you had the power, how long would you survive?
How would you protect your family?
Available on Amazon and Everywhere

Available on Amazon and Everywhere

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