Speaker Johnson: End NYPD Face Surveillance

Government use of face recognition threatens the privacy and safety of all New Yorkers. When face recognition technology and the officers’ responsible for its use make inevitable mistakes, New Yorkers pay the price.

While cities across the country are taking action to end police use of this flawed technology, the NYPD continues to expand its irresponsible use. By the department’s own count, they have utilized the technology for more than 22,000 face scans over the past 3 years. That figure, however, fails to take into account the more than 11,000 searches NYPD officers have carried out using the controversial platform Clearview AI, in violation of the department’s own guidelines.

Face images collected by at least one federal agency have already been stolen due to a vendor’s failure to secure the data properly, harming more than one hundred thousand individuals. Unlike with a driver’s license, license plate, or passport, the people impacted can not simply replace their faces to mitigate the harm to their privacy, safety, and security.

Speak up to protect your rights, and the safety of all New Yorkers. Let New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson know: it’s time to ban the NYPD’s use of face recognition technology.

Source: EFF; Speaker Johnson: End NYPD Face Surveillance Get involved: https://act.eff.org/