With more than 50% of the indigenous peoples directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and more than 27,000 indigenous people infected by the virus, the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), together with all its grassroots organizations, launched an international mobilization to save lives!
Indigenous peoples from all over Brazil are articulating themselves in small groups and donations and solidarity campaigns. Get to know the APIB campaign below or search for the movement closest to your territory to help.

The moment is serious.

Humanity will face its worst moments since World War II. Epidemics are terrible for society, but we know that for indigenous peoples the impact is even greater. Influenza, smallpox and measles were some of the diseases introduced in our territories by non-indigenous people and which exterminated many of our ancestors.

Coronavirus is yet another such threat. It is necessary to have a look directed at indigenous peoples with the increase of the world pandemic. The effects for us can be devastating! Our community way of life can facilitate the rapid spread of the virus in our territories if any of us are infected.
In addition to the virus, threats to indigenous peoples are many and intensify in the face of neglect and attacks by the federal government. Attempts at legislative change, hate speech, institutional racism, and the advance of agribusiness over territories characterize the relationship of the federal government with Brazilian Indians.


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