The True Labour Party

This nation is run on the hard work, the labour of people like you, shop workers, factory workers, farm workers, delivery drivers, nurses, doctors, surgeons, and all the other hospital staff. It’s kept going by the workers who put their labour into keeping the transport systems running, the public sector workers who labour day and night to keep our communities safe and clean; the labour of government and office workers who keep businesses and local government running; the teachers, lecturers and scientists who labour in institutions across the country to help keep the country at the forefront of learning and innovation; the writers, artists, actors, dancers, musicians whose creative labours deliver entertaining and inspiring work that captures the attention of millions globally and make lasting memories; the police, fire, ambulance and coastguard services, the military, the volunteers.

It’s the labour or ordinary people like you that makes Britain what it is today; and it is mainly your taxes that pay to maintain the health, education, police, social care and other essential services we all depend on.

Your labour directly contributes to and creates the wealth of the country, your labour.

It’s unfortunate then that this current government has allowed corporations to profit vastly from the tragic crisis of the past year and went even further to use it to further enrich those who profit from your labour.

You have a right to be represented by a political party that is about representing you, giving you the rewards you deserve for the work you do in enriching the nation; a Political party who stops corporations and individuals from unfairly enriching themselves by not paying taxes that should go into all those services that children, young people and families need in order to keep Britain working. Boris Johnson and his government has helped and enabled corporations to enrich themselves, even during the pandemic, while they borrowed money to hand out to those same friends and corporations and cuts services for the people who need them.

It’s about time the Labour Party reminded themselves of who makes up the true labour of this country and do what is necessary to regain theit trust and loyalty. Right now it seems the Labour party has lost touch with what labour means. They spend too much time on concepts, accusations and wishful thinking while shuffling people about like deck chairs on the Titanic.

The best thing Labour can do is start showing what exactly they are going to do to make a difference to the people whose work, whose labour keeps this country running.