‘This new snow has no name’: Sami reindeer herders face climate disaster

The only indigenous people left in Europe are struggling to keep their way of life as the Arctic warms upHelp us support those on the frontline of the climate emergencyDonate to our charity appeal hereThe Sami, the only indigenous people left in Europe, have more than 100 different words for snow. From seaŋáš, a fluffy, grainy snow that moves easily, to tjaevi, flakes that stick together and are hard to dig, the names are based on its texture, depth, density, and the harsh conditions of the Arctic winter.But the Sami of Sápmi, formerly Lappland, who are traditionally fishers, trappers and… Source – Full Article https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/dec/17/new-snow-no-name-sami-reindeer-herders-climate-disaster

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