Tonight, 6.30pm: April Anniversary Livestream Special

Tonight, 6.30pm: April Anniversary Livestream Special

To kick off our celebration of the April Rebellion, join us at 6.30 tonight for a webinar exploring how it all unfolded. With panelists George Monbiot (Guardian columnist), Zuhuru Plummer (illustrator and XR activist) and Jessica Townsend (author and XR podcast coordinator). Facilitated by Jamie Kelsey Fry.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Wednesday, 15 April, 6.30-8.00 pm.


Jamie Kelsey Fry is a contributing editor for the New Internationalist Magazine, a teacher author and activist. He has helped develop the political cirecle, the media spokes training and the international solidarity circle within Extinction Rebellion.

George Monbiot is a national treasure. As well as writing a Guardian column and speaking at many events including Extinction Rebellion’s Declaration Day. He is a well-known speaker the author of many books on politics and the environment including Out of the Wreckage, How Did We Get Into This Mess, Feral, Heat, The Age of Consent. For many years before XR existed he advocated a people’s movement on climate and biodiversity issues.

Zuhura Plummer is an illustrator and an Oxford rebel and have been involved with XR since October 2018 and has given a number of Heading for Extinction talks. She has twice been arrested once for criminal damage during the October Rebellion and more recently at the City Airport action.

Jessica Townsend is a fiction writer with a film in production next year. She has been an XR activist since the beginning and coordinates the podcast. She is a cofounder of Writers Rebel

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