UK coronavirus: Johnson says anti-racist protests were 'subverted by thuggery' – live news

Follow the latest on the coronavirus crisis in the UK and the aftermath of Black Lives Matter protests

8.00am BST

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary has warned that the new travel quarantine rules that come into force today will cause “untold devastation” for the country’s tourism industry.

What it is going to do is untold devastation, not just to the airlines but to British tourism. The thousands of hotels, the thousands of visitor attractions, restaurants in the next couple of months – July and August are the two key months for British tourism in the tourism industry.

We’re facing thousands of jobs losses because of a stupid, ineffective quarantine.

7.56am BST

Kit Malthouse, the minister for crime and policing, said protests over the weekend breach lockdown rules.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast he said:

We would point out to people that it is in contravention of the regulations to show up on these demonstrations and it does breach our individual responsibility towards our collective health.

No I don’t think so. Tt’s worth remembering that the vast majority of the 65 million people in this country have been extremely compliant with the regulations.

Feelings were running very high following that appalling event in the United States, and so I can understand why people might feel the need to come out onto the streets and express their frustration, anger about that event, and possibly wider issues, but we would stress to people that we do have to obey the rules.

It’s for individual officers to make a dynamic risk assessment themselves about the posture they take, and about what they use the PPE. Obviously on that particular occasion officers decided, given the distance, between them and the crowds, certainly initially, that they didn’t require a face mask.

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