UK coronavirus live: children's risk of severe illness or death 'vanishingly small', says study

Researchers say findings should reassure parents as children are set to return to school

8.01am BST

Asked what happens to schools in a lockdown area, the transport secretary told Sky News that students will have to wear masks from Year 7 upwards.

Shapps said:

So in a lockdown area things may be a bit different, and as you’ve seen people will… the students will need to wear face coverings in Year 7 upwards, secondary school upwards.

In other areas that will be at the discretion of the head teacher and the school depending on, for example, the width of corridors and that sort of thing.

I think we’ll always look at the latest advice and we’ll check it with our own chief medical officer and experts… and so it makes sense to follow that.

7.57am BST

British holiday makers who want to brave going abroad for their breaks will have to keep themselves up to date on the most recent quarantine rules, as they are likely to continue to change rapidly transport Secretary Grant Shapps has warned this.

Mr Shapps told Sky News:

Look there is a travel corridor list and I think it contains probably still about 55, 60 countries. It changes every week – a country went on – Cuba went on – the list yesterday, or goes on at the weekend.

So, they are there for a reason. However, when people travel at the moment when coronavirus is still a thing… just need to be aware that unfortunately things can change very quickly and, you know, if you go with your eyes open and you know that things can change, it won’t then come as so much as of a surprise.

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