UK coronavirus live: government to set out plans to get all children back to school

Education secretary to publish guidance for primary and secondary schools on how to deal with Covid-19 outbreaks

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Something else the report shows is that in Leicester, new infections are concentrated in a few areas and focussed among children and working-age people. It points out that the “evidence for the scale of the outbreak is limited and may, in part, be artificially related to growth in availability of testing.”

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So. Looking at local lockdowns – the other issue dominating the news today. The government last night slipped out the “rapid investigation team” report. It’s the motherlode of data that informed the decision to impose further measures in Leicester.

Interestingly enough, the report isn’t all doom and gloom. Less so, actually, than the news reports suggest. A table of the local authorities with the highest infection rates shows Leicester with 135.7 new infections per 100,000 people in the seven days to June 27, compared with 6.7 for England as a whole. The rate had decreased from the previous week but not very much. That’s not ideal, obviously – hence the the Leicester lockdown – but what’s interesting is that the other local authorities on the list had much lower infection rates: the next highest local authority on the list is Bradford, with 42.8 new infections per 100,000 people. In contrast to Leicester, their rates had almost all dropped by more than 10% compared with the previous week. Doncaster and Bolton are the exception to that trend: their rates had risen 10% – albeit, it’s worth noting, from relatively low levels.

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