UK Covid live: Priti Patel calls for vaccine list to be changed so police get priority

Latest updates: home secretary suggests she wants to move police ‘up the ranks’ for vaccinations

11.06am GMT

Nick Thomas-Symonds, the shadow home secretary, has described the admission from Priti Patel that she wanted to close the borders last March as “shocking”. He said:

This is a shocking admission from the home secretary about the government’s failure to secure the UK’s borders against Covid.

Priti Patel’s admission, coupled with the complete lack of strategy for testing of travellers, means that the government has left our doors open to the virus and worrying mutations.

10.51am GMT

Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK government’s chief scientific adviser, took part in a Q&A on Covid on Sky News this morning. Here are the best lines.

The advice at the moment is vaccines are not going to do the heavy lifting for us at the moment, anywhere near it.

This is about, I’m afraid, the restrictive measures which we’re all living under and carrying on with those.

It’s important to recognise this is not going to be a sort of big bang, ‘great, take the lid off, everything’s fine, we can all go back to normal’. This is going to be a slow release, monitoring carefully, understanding the effects.

We will have got some things right and some things wrong, and we’ve learned a lot as we’ve gone through this, and we know a lot more about the virus today than we did then, for sure.

I think there is a very simple series of recommendations which I’ve been pushing continuously and I’ll continue to do so, which is the lesson is: go earlier than you think you want to, go a bit harder than you think you want to, and go a bit broader than you think you want to, in terms of applying the restrictions.

I think it’s quite likely that we are going to need regular vaccination, at least for a few years, and I think it’s quite likely that those vaccines may need to change a bit as they do for flu every year. So I think that’s quite likely that we’re going to have to have some annual – maybe every two year – vaccination… but that will be planned in the way it’s planned for flu as well.

We know much less about the ability of the vaccine to stop transmission. We think it will stop transmission, but we don’t know by how much yet. And you’ll need very very high levels of population coverage – 70% or more – in order to get some degree of immunity across the whole population.

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