US coronavirus live: Trump says federal stockpile of protective equipment nearly empty

11.20pm BST

Trump said that the federal stockpile of personal protective equipment is nearly empty. “It is,” he said. “Because we’re sending it directly to hospitals.”

Earlier, CNN reported that the “Strategic National Stockpile is deploying the last round of shipments in its inventory, depleting the bulk of its protective gear.”

11.11pm BST

A federal judge in Wisconsin appears unlikely to delay the state’s April 7 election, the Guardian’s Sam Levine reports.

Wisconsin election officials are scrambling to prepare for the election amid severe poll worker shortages and an unprecedented request for absentee ballots. During a lengthy hearing in federal court in Madison on Wednesday afternoon, U.S. District Judge William Conley expressed skepticism that a federal judge could step in and delay the election. The governor and legislature, he said, have that power and should use it.

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