‘We’re trying to turn the magnet towards optimism’: Cate Blanchett on her new climate crisis podcast

In Climate of Change, old friends actor Cate Blanchett and clean energy entrepreneur Danny Kennedy aim to offer ordinary people real-life solutions to environmental disasterCate Blanchett is Australian. I mention this fact because I’d forgotten it, somehow, so her manner of speaking – upbeat, front-footed, Aussie-accented – comes as a surprise. And I’ve spent quite some time hearing her talk over the past couple of days, as she has a new podcast, Climate of Change, which she hosts with her friend Danny Kennedy, another Australian. Kennedy is the CEO of an environmental non-profit, New Energy Nexus, and runs the California… Source – Full Article https://www.theguardian.com/film/2022/apr/17/were-trying-to-turn-the-magnet-towards-optimism-cate-blanchett-on-her-new-climate-crisis-podcast

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