What’s the best alternative to clingfilm? | Kitchen aide

Think upturned bowls, tea towels, bamboo and wood, say our cooks – and always, always reuse • Got a culinary dilemma? Email feast@theguardian.comWe know that clingfilm and plastic ziplock bags are environmentally unfriendly, but what are the alternatives? What other storage options are worth investing in?Jane, London N4“You’ve got to have zero tolerance for everything to do with plastic, whether that’s in the house or what’s coming into the house,” says chef Ollie Hunter, who runs The Wheatsheaf, a sustainable pub in Wiltshire. But when it comes to eco-friendly replacements, it’s worth remembering that new isn’t always better: “I’m a… Source – Full Article https://www.theguardian.com/food/2022/may/10/clingfilm-best-alternative

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