Whether or not the Great Barrier Reef is listed as ‘in danger’ won’t alter the fact it is at risk from climate change

The Australian government pushed back fiercely against Unesco’s recommendation – and the world is watchingThis year, Australia’s big tourism drawcard celebrates its 40th year as a UN world heritage site – a list where more than 1,100 of humanity’s most important spots go for acknowledgement and protection.But on Friday, a committee of 21 countries will decide if it wants to listen to the advice of the UN’s science and culture organisation, Unesco, and put the Great Barrier Reef on its list of places that are “in danger”. Continue reading… Source – Full Article https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jul/23/whether-or-not-the-great-barrier-reef-is-listed-as-in-danger-wont-alter-the-fact-it-is-at-risk-from-climate-change

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