Woolly measurement: farmers say sustainable textile standard ‘doesn’t pass the pub test’

Wool may be natural, durable and biodegradable – but a key sustainability data tool ranks it as worse for the planet than polyesterSpeaking from his farm in Yass, Edward Storey is adamant, “wool is a fibre that’s incredibly sustainable, if you want to stop carbon emissions don’t turn the heating on, put on a woollen jumper”. Storey is the president of Wool Producers Australia and is part of the Trust in Australian Wool campaign, launched in March to reassure consumers wool is a sustainable product.The campaign was announced in anticipation of the European Union’s Sustainable Products Initiative, ambitious legislation that… Source – Full Article https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2021/jun/29/woolly-measurement-farmers-say-sustainable-textile-standard-doesnt-pass-the-pub-test

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