You Can Help Stop COVID-19 and Future Pandemics in Their Tracks

The OpenPandemics – COVID-19 project helps researchers at Scripps Research look for potential COVID-19 treatments. But that’s just the beginning for our newest project. By joining the World Community Grid you can help scientists search for potential therapeutic agents that could help managing the symptoms, halting the progression of the disease, and ultimately speed healing from COVID-19.
OpenPandemics – COVID-19 is one such effort, led by researchers in the Forli Lab at Scripps Research, who are accelerating the search by enlisting the help of World Community Grid volunteers.

How does World Community Grid work?

As a World Community Grid volunteer, you download a secure software program to your computer. And when your computer is not using its full computing power, it automatically runs a simulated experiment in the background which will help predict the effectiveness of a particular chemical compound in inhibiting the functions of viral proteins, as a possible treatment for COVID-19. Then, your computer returns the results of the completed simulation and requests the next simulation.

All of this happens unobtrusively, while you are going about your regular activities such as typing an email, browsing the Internet, or while your computer is idle but left on.

Join the World Community Grid Now and help stop Covid-19

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