The SoftMachine

Materials and Components:
The SoftMachine Outfit is a key component of both the ‘Nanopunk’ and ‘Lightning Seed’ Novels. Here’s some of the main features.

Flexible Nanofibers: The SoftMachine outfit comprises a complex web of incredibly strong, lightweight, and flexible nanofibres of carbon nanotubes, graphene, and advanced polymers, woven into a mesh fabric that can change properties based on external stimuli. Embedded with a variety of sensors, the outfit monitors Alister’s vital signs, physical activity, and surroundings. The nanofibres are connected to Kyros, a supercomputer that constantly monitors and analyzes all data adjusts the Softmachine in real time.

Color-Changing Pigments or Nanomaterials: The outfit’s colour-changing ability is achieved by integrating nanoscale pigments and metamaterials embedded within the nanofiber structure that can alter their colour in response to light, temperature, or other environmental factors. The spectrum of colours available can even make Alister invisible to the naked eye, even in well-lit environments.

Shape-Memory Alloys or Polymers: Shape-memory alloys and polymers are woven into the fabric enabling the outfit to change shape for protection. When triggered by information from the wearer, temperature, or other environmental factors, these materials transform the outfit’s appearance to shield the wearer. With the help of Kyros, the Softmachine can enhance Alister’s physical abilities by using the data from the sensors to predict or enhance his movements and adjust the Softmachine to provide additional support and power, enabling Alister to perform feats of strength and agility that would be impossible without the Softmachine. For example, whenever Alister is in a dangerous or threatening situation, Kyros can send signals to the Softmachine, making it resilient, and protecting Alister, even making him bulletproof.

Wireless Communication Module: The outfit could not utilise its full functionality without the connection to the super-computer Kyros. It was only through Alister’s link to Kyros through the nanoparticles in his system that connect him to the outfit allows it to operate to its full potential. Wireless communication enables connectivity to external devices, networks, or the wearer’s devices and receive signals to trigger colour changes, invisibility, or shape-shifting.

Power source: The electrical current for the outfit is generated by Kinetic energy through the wearer’s movements and solar energy when available.

Draft Illustration of Alister wearing SoftMachine Outfit