The Books

  • The Great Dissolution
    I was researching what other religions had an equivalent of The Christian Apocalypse and came across Pralaya. Pralaya, a Sanskrit term, translates to “dissolution,” and refers to the cyclical destruction of the universe at the end of a period called a kalpa that lasts billions of years. Unlike the Apocalypse, or Ragnorak, it isn’t necessarily a negative event, but a dissolving and reforming process. According to Hinduism, we are living in the Kali Yuga, one
  • Dark Matter, Tachyons? What’s that all about?
    The theory that dark matter could be composed of tachyons is aspeculative idea in physics. Tachyons are hypothetical particles that, unlike normal matter, always travel faster than light. According to current understanding of physics, they violate the laws of causality and have yet to be observed. As for Dark matter, that’s a mysterious substance that makes 85% of the universe’s mass. It’s effects are obderved through gravitational lensing and its affect on stellar orbits in
  • Evolution of Mathematical Awareness
    Our brains inherent ability to find and utilize mathematical patterns provides a strong evolutionary advantage. On a more general level, understanding geometric relationships helps organisms navigate their environment, predict movements, and solve problems related to survival and reproduction. Natural selection would follow the same principles and favour brains that could grasp these underlying structures. It is transparently obvious that the same rules that shape the enviroment on a biological and physical level also guided and
  • Anarchy & The Peoples Infantry in ‘Nanopunk’
    In ‘Nanopunk’, the Peoples Infantry is an organised alliance of Veterans and Anarchist HackersNanopunk is based in the near future. The world is recovering from The Big Freeze which had seen Private Military Corporations called in to help Governments maintain order when almost half the world’s population perished.With limited resources, the wealthy bought themselves to the front of the queue leaving the rest of the population dependent on The Peoples Infantry (PI) to liberate additional
  • Nanopunk
    In a world recovering from climate devastation, Alister, infected with nanoparticles, can hack any network. When his sister, the creator of the particles, is kidnapped by Lycus, a corrupt military corporation, he sets off to rescue her. It’s not long before MI6, Lycus, and mercenaries start to hunt him down, turning his search into a deadly race across a devastated Europe.