The Books

  • Anarchy & The Peoples Infantry in ‘Nanopunk’
    In ‘Nanopunk’, the Peoples Infantry is an organised alliance of Veterans and Anarchist HackersNanopunk is based in the near future. The world is recovering from The Big Freeze which had seen Private Military Corporations called in to help Governments maintain order when almost half the world’s population perished.With limited resources, the wealthy bought themselves to the front of the queue leaving the rest of the population dependent on The Peoples Infantry (PI) to liberate additional
  • Nanopunk
    In a world recovering from climate devastation, Alister, infected with nanoparticles, can hack any network. When his sister, the creator of the particles, is kidnapped by Lycus, a corrupt military corporation, he sets off to rescue her. It’s not long before MI6, Lycus, and mercenaries start to hunt him down, turning his search into a deadly race across a devastated Europe.
  • Lightning Seed
    Earth is icebound. Billions have perished. The Followers, an extremist army, plan to fix the weather and save the world – it’s a plan that could destroy all life on Earth. Scattered in the memory of a teen tortured into amnesia is the plan and the means to stop them. With the help of a veteran haunted by her own demons, he sets out across a lawless and deadly landscape to save Earth’s last survivors.
  • The Mechanics: Chapters 1-3
    A shadow moved across rugged frozen ground, a shard of void sliced out of the night, carved into being then raised to life by the Epinoia. Tall and lean with long black hair thrown back by the wind. Oblivious to the cold, he strode across the ice-bright, snow-swept landscape, the heavy scrunch of footsteps disappearing into the swirling snowfall.Gasometers haunt the black horizon, bound by ice-encrusted walkways and ladders and bruised by yellow blotches of
  • Magic. A Rough Guide – The Foundations
    ‘Magic. A Rough Guide’, is my third novel. It’s a departure from ‘Nanopunk’ and its sequel ‘Lightning Seed’; about Alister Cloud, a young man infected with nanoparticles that gave him Wi-Fi powers to connect with any network or wireless-enabled electronic device – or control other electronic devices via physical contact. The market is saturated with urban fantasy stories written for all age groups. This got me thinking about what would happen if Magic returned and