• Why humans can’t trust AI: You don’t know how it works, what it’s going to do or whether it’ll serve your interests
    Why humans can’t trust AI: You don’t know how it works, what it’s going to do or whether it’ll serve your interests Do you trust AI systems, like this driverless taxi, to behave the way you expect them to? AP Photo/Terry Chea Mark Bailey, National Intelligence University There are alien minds among us. Not the little green men of science fiction, … Read more
  • Alice Bertha Clayden
    Alice was the first woman to hold a senior rank in the police force, and paved the way for other women to join the detective branch. Alice was born in 1885 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, the daughter of a police inspector. Alice first worked as a teacher and a social worker. She joined the Women’s Police Service (WPS), a civilian organization … Read more
  • Kings Cross 1970’s: Prostitution
    Occupation of Holy Cross Church 1982: Images on this page Courtesy of the English Collective of Prostitutes Prostitution in the Kings Cross area in 1979 was a thriving industry. The location was known for its red-light district, with strip clubs, sex shops, and brothels openly operating. Streetwalkers were also common, plying their trade in the alleyways and side streets.Prostitutes in … Read more
  • Squats in Kings Cross in 1970’s
    There were a lot of squats in the Kings Cross area in 1979. The area was in a state of decline at the time, with many abandoned buildings. This made it a prime target for squatters attracted by the cheap rent and the sense of community.Some of the most famous squats in Kings Cross in the 1970s included:Derby Lodge: This … Read more
  • Kings Cross 1979.
    King’s Cross in 1979 was a very different place than it is today. It was a run-down and neglected area, with many vacant buildings and empty lots. The station was dirty and overcrowded, and the surrounding streets were full of crime and poverty. The area had a long history of decline. It had once been a thriving commercial hub but … Read more
  • Hibernation Pods
    The earliest appearance of hibernation pods in science fiction can be traced back to the 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey,” directed by Stanley Kubrick. In the movie, the spacecraft Discovery One crew members are shown in hibernation pods during their long journey to Jupiter. Since then, hibernation pods have been featured in numerous science fiction films, often used as … Read more
  • The 7th Battalion, Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)
    The 7th Battalion, Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) was a Territorial Army battalion of the British Army that saw service in both World War I and World War II. The battalion was raised in Fife in 1908 and was initially assigned to the 2nd Highland Brigade, Highland Division. In 1914, the battalion was mobilized for war and deployed to France … Read more
  • The UK Police Gangs Unit
    The UK Police Gangs Unit. The Gangs Unit was a specialist unit that focused on particular aspects of gang crime in the 1970s, known as. The Gangs Unit was established by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in 1975. It was a small unit, with only a handful of officers, and it was focused on disrupting and dismantling gangs. The Gangs … Read more
  • Gangs of London 1979
    Gangs In 1979, several gangs were active in London, representing various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Notable gangs included: 1. The Richardson Gang: Although its influence declined in the late 1960s, it was still active in the late 1970s. They were a predominantly white British gang involved in organized crime, extortion, and violence. 2. The Kray Twins: Ronnie and Reggie Kray … Read more
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