Consciousness, Entropy and Negentropy

The tendency for order to arise in all aspects of biological and material existence (Terran and cosmological) that lead to possible life and intelligence might be a potential indication of a fundamental property Just as there is a fundamental law of Entropy, that, at the other end, there is a complimentary and opposite law of Negentropy that has emotions and/or consciousness as one of its emergent consequences? In nature, there may be a cyclical balance where both processes co-occur. On the one hand, there is the law of Entropy, but there is also a parallel law of Negentropy happening simultaneously. Living systems constantly defy Entropy by maintaining complex structures and functionalities.
The ability to process information, experience emotions, and be aware of surroundings is an emergent property arising from the fight against Entropy within complex biological systems. We are constantly discovering underlying mathematical structures and relationships present in the universe. Many natural phenomena exhibit inherent mathematical patterns. In a complementary way, biological systems often follow exponential growth, and physics relies heavily on geometric principles. Science is usually a process of uncovering these pre-existing mathematical relationships.
It seems an inevitable fact that our brains evolved with an ability to discover and understand these models and relationships. More proof that intelligence is an emergent property of a deeper, more fundamental structure.

Homeostasis: Living systems maintain internal balance (homeostasis) by constantly working against the natural tendency towards disorder. This striving for order could be seen as a manifestation of a “negentropic force.”
Consciousness, a function that balances between internal and external phenomena, involves complex information processing. The ability to gather information, make decisions, and react to stimuli could be seen as a way to organize and reduce “disorder” in the environment. There are a few theoretical models that might help provide a framework to understand the deeper source of these structures and processes Quantum Biology could reveal more about whether quantum phenomena plays a role in how biological systems maintain order and fight Entropy. Integrated Information Theory also proposes consciousness arises from integrating information within a system. Understanding how information processing relates to consciousness could shed light on the connection to Negentropy. Information, like mathematics might be something that is discovered, not invented.