• Evolution of Mathematical Awareness
    Our brains inherent ability to find and utilize mathematical patterns provides a strong evolutionary advantage. On a more general level, understanding geometric relationships helps organisms navigate their environment, predict movements, and solve problems related to survival and reproduction. Natural selection would follow the same principles and favour brains that could
  • Intelligence as an Emergent Property 1
    Intelligence as an Emergent Property.The fact that complex emotions are observed in various species beyond humans lends credence to the theory of emotions as emergent properties.Emergent properties arise from the complex interaction of simpler components. The whole system exhibits characteristics that none of the individual parts possess.In the context of
  • Nanopunk
    In a world recovering from climate devastation, Alister, infected with nanoparticles, can hack any network. When his sister, the creator of the particles, is kidnapped by Lycus, a corrupt military corporation, he sets off to rescue her. It’s not long before MI6, Lycus, and mercenaries start to hunt him down,
  • Dark matter and extra dimensions?
    Extra dimensions could help explain the abundance of dark matter. The Standard Model of particle physics predicts that there should be much less dark matter than we actually observe. However, if dark matter particles live in extra dimensions, they could be much more abundant than expected. Extra dimensions could help
  • Glori
    Gloria first appears in ‘The Mechanics’ she appears again in ‘Magic – Day One.’ Gloria a technorganic being one of a race evolved from a complex synthesis of metals, alloys, and organic matter. Their bodies can, over time, morph and adapt to survive and blend in to live on any
  • Zero-Point Energy
    The Autonomous Intergalactic Consciousness Detection Device uses Zero-point energy. Julanan mechanics have successfully developed Zero-point generator/batteries that all come in the shape of cubes of various sizes right down to a sub-millimetre scale.Zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy a quantum mechanical, physical system may have. It’s a fundamental concept
  • The Field of Consciousness
    The “Field of Consciousness.” extends beyond the boundaries of conventional physical fields, such as electromagnetic or gravitational fields, and is the source of subjectivity and conscious experience in living beings. Nature of the Field:The Field of Consciousness is an all-pervading, subtle, and fundamental medium that permeates the fabric of reality.
  • Interstellar Intelligent Life Detection Device
    Interstellar Intelligent Life Detection Device Introduction:Before the discovery of Field of Consciousness and the Autonomous Interstellar Consciousness Detection Device, the Autonomous Interstellar Intelligent Life Detection Device (AIILD) was the only means to detect intelligent life on planets around distant stars. The (AIILD) was the first device made to integrate autonomously
  • Nanobots.
    The Vélvirki extensively uses Nanoscale robots, often called nanobots or nanorobots, for maintenance and repairs. Their design is based on the physiology of insects and function in various ways, integrating advanced technologies to achieve their tasks. Size and MobilityNanobots modelled after insects would be incredibly small, typically on a nanometers
  • Nanosteam implementation in synthetic Limbs
    Nanosteam implementation in synthetic Limbs After the Wrychuns drove away the Nebro invasion, they introduced prosthetic surgery that made use of advanced nanotechnology. The replacement limbs were designed and calibrated to work exactly the same as the patient’s real limbs in terms of flexibility and strength.Enhanced Sensory Feedback: Nanotechnology provides
  • Nanosteams
    Composition: Julanan Nanosteams are composed of tiny, nanoscale particles or structures that possess the characteristics of steam, such as high temperature and gaseous state. These particles are engineered at the nanoscale to exhibit unique properties and functionalities, enabling them to perform specific tasks. Applications: The ship’s Nanosteam system provides a
  • The Nerumian AI.
    The synthetic Neural Mesh is a matchbox-sized device that utilizes advanced technologies and materials for sensing, computation, and communication. It combines advanced materials, quantum entanglement, distributed computing, and sensor technologies into a powerful, self-contained AI system within a compact form factor. It can detect all surrounding environment conditions, make informed
  • The Wrychuns
    The Wrychuns. The Wrychun system is a strict hierarchy built upon owning bio-synthetic body parts. Bodyparts cannot be bought or sold, and their manufacture, production and allocation are strictly controlled by The Body Bank. All Bodypart geneticists, engineers and surgeons work for the Bank. Wrychuns across industries and services work