In a frozen future, Alister is hunted by Private Military Corporations, Russian mercenaries and Secret Services, as he searches for his kidnapped sister.

In just three days, The Big Freeze swept across the planet and killed billions. It was the last thing anyone expected at a time when the planet was heading into catastrophic global warming. No one knew how or why it happened. Civilisation; industry, technological development, global markets, all literally froze.
With armies and police forces weakened and unable to control the rise of territorial gangs, Private Military Corporations stepped in with a more ruthless approach to maintaining order. Only one thing prevented the complete collapse of social order.
Thanks to the partnership between the Centauri Foundation who provided the scientific resources and technology, and China, who provide perfectly organised manpower, and machinery, the devastation to communities across the world was halted and within a few decades, civilisation began to recover.
Fifty years after the freeze. In a Centari laboratory by the Thames, Professor Cloud takes her kid brother Alister to work and leaves him to go into a meeting.
Wandering into a laboratory, Alister is fascinated by a beaker of swirling bio-synthetic nanoparticles. They seem to follow his finger as he moved it around the top of the beaker. He dips the tip his finger into the glittering constellation, and feeling a soft warm glow stream up his arm, dips his finger right in. The network enabled particles swarm into him and feeling flushed, Alister wishes it was cooler. The lab thermostat drops a couple of degrees.