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Dark Matter, Tachyons? What’s that all about?

The theory that dark matter could be composed of tachyons is aspeculative idea in physics. Tachyons are hypothetical particles that, unlike normal matter, always travel faster than light. According to current understanding of physics, they violate the laws of causality and have yet to be observed. As for Dark matter, that’s a mysterious substance that makes 85% of the universe’s mass. It’s effects are obderved through gravitational lensing and its affect on stellar orbits in a galaxy. It interacts with gravity but not light, making it difficult to detect directly. Tachyons, with their unique properties, are proposed as a candidate…

Evolution of Mathematical Awareness

Our brains inherent ability to find and utilize mathematical patterns provides a strong evolutionary advantage. On a more general level, understanding geometric relationships helps organisms navigate their environment, predict movements, and solve problems related to survival and reproduction. Natural selection would follow the same principles and favour brains that could grasp these underlying structures. It is transparently obvious that the same rules that shape the enviroment on a biological and physical level also guided and shaped our body-mind, and in this specific matter, the structure of our brains an how they work.The ability to process and understand complex mathematical ideas…

Intelligence as an Emergent Property 2

We can only consider the possibility of biological neural structures as an emergent property based on what we currently know. Perhaps there are underlying forces or laws we are not aware of. Like for example, the discovery of quarks, the Higgs field and dark matter and dark energy. Neural structures may be an emergent property of unknown laws. Our current understanding of biology might not be the whole picture. The discovery of fundamental particles like quarks and the existence of dark matter/energy highlights how much we still have to learn about the universe’s underlying laws.As yet unknown, physical or biological…

Consciousness, Entropy and Negentropy

The tendency for order to arise in all aspects of biological and material existence (Terran and cosmological) that lead to possible life and intelligence might be a potential indication of a fundamental property Just as there is a fundamental law of Entropy, that, at the other end, there is a complimentary and opposite law of Negentropy that has emotions and/or consciousness as one of its emergent consequences? In nature, there may be a cyclical balance where both processes co-occur. On the one hand, there is the law of Entropy, but there is also a parallel law of Negentropy happening simultaneously.…

Intelligence as an Emergent Property 1

Intelligence as an Emergent Property.The fact that complex emotions are observed in various species beyond humans lends credence to the theory of emotions as emergent properties.Emergent properties arise from the complex interaction of simpler components. The whole system exhibits characteristics that none of the individual parts possess.In the context of emotions, our complex neural networks, with interacting brain regions, hormones, and physiological responses, give rise to the experience of emotions.Observing emotions in other mammals with similar complex neural structures strengthens the argument for emergent properties. It implies that a certain level of neural complexity is necessary for emotions to arise,…

Some Types of Dialogues Large Language models Like Gemini Find Challenging

According to Gemini: Here are some examples:

Latest on Dark Matter

Our current understanding suggests dark matter should be fairly uniform throughout the universe. However, there are some interesting ideas scientists are exploring to explain potential variations: It’s important to note that these are all areas of active research, and there isn’t yet definitive evidence for any variations in dark matter properties. However, future observations and experiments might shed light on whether dark matter is truly uniform or if there are some intriguing galactic variations.

Dark Matter Discussion with Gemini

Cloudtales: Is there a pattern to the distribution of galaxies where the effects of dark matter have been seen? Gemini: Yes, there is a strong correlation between the distribution of galaxies and the inferred presence of dark matter. Here’s how: These observations suggest a pattern:Dark matter is more concentrated in the central regions of galaxies compared to the distribution of visible matter. It’s important to remember that dark matter is invisible by definition, so these patterns are based on indirect methods. However, the consistency of the evidence across different techniques strongly suggests a link between dark matter distribution and galaxy…

Anarchy & The Peoples Infantry in ‘Nanopunk’

In ‘Nanopunk’, the Peoples Infantry is an organised alliance of Veterans and Anarchist HackersNanopunk is based in the near future. The world is recovering from The Big Freeze which had seen Private Military Corporations called in to help Governments maintain order when almost half the world’s population perished.With limited resources, the wealthy bought themselves to the front of the queue leaving the rest of the population dependent on The Peoples Infantry (PI) to liberate additional food and resources. The PI also help with protecting isolated communities from roaming gangs.When Alister discovers he is infected with nanoparticles that give him remote…

Computers you could buy in 1979

UFO/UAP Sightings in Scotland November/December 1979

November and December 1979 saw several other reports of UFO sightings in Scotland. These included sightings of objects described as being cigar-shaped, disc-shaped, and triangular. Some of these sightings were reported by multiple witnesses, and some were even witnessed by police officers. The high number of UFO sightings in Scotland in 1979 led to speculation that there might be something unusual going on in the country at that time. Some of the other UFO sightings reported in Scotland in November and December 1979 included:


In a world recovering from climate devastation, Alister, infected with nanoparticles, can hack any network. When his sister, the creator of the particles, is kidnapped by Lycus, a corrupt military corporation, he sets off to rescue her. It’s not long before MI6, Lycus, and mercenaries start to hunt him down, turning his search into a deadly race across a devastated Europe.