• The Mechanics of Being
    First, there is a mountain,Then there is no mountain.Then there is. Julanans have bodies that quickly evolve and adapt to survive in the different environments and conditions where life has evolved. Their bodies adapt to utilise changes in air composition, solar radiation, and edible organic plants.As a result of experiencing life through a broader spectrum of senses, their understanding of what makes them who they are is not restricted to one bodily form. This, in
  • The Field of Consciousness
    The “Field of Consciousness.” extends beyond the boundaries of conventional physical fields, such as electromagnetic or gravitational fields, and is the source of subjectivity and conscious experience in living beings. Nature of the Field:The Field of Consciousness is an all-pervading, subtle, and fundamental medium that permeates the fabric of reality. It is a non-material, intangible entity that interacts with and influences other fields, both physical and metaphysical, giving rise to the rich tapestry of subjective