The Mechanics of Being

First, there is a mountain,
Then there is no mountain.
Then there is.

Julanans have bodies that quickly evolve and adapt to survive in the different environments and conditions where life has evolved. Their bodies adapt to utilise changes in air composition, solar radiation, and edible organic plants.
As a result of experiencing life through a broader spectrum of senses, their understanding of what makes them who they are is not restricted to one bodily form. This, in turn, has led to a particular belief system known as Paara.
According to Paara, consciousness is seen as emerging from a pervasive and interconnected field of consciousness that encompasses all of existence. The Consciousness Field.
Just as when a photon or electron, when observed, collapses from a wave to a particle, the same process occurs during the evolution of life. Parallel to biological complexity, the survival instinct evolved through increasing complexity in awareness of the environment and then to consciousness as living things evolved and became more complex.
The evolution of the most basic life forms began a chain reaction that increased subjective awareness in parallel with and as a result of biological evolution.
The second stage of evolution occurs when a biological organism, such as a humanoid, reaches a state where it can intuit consciousness as something other than a body-mind experience and can put attention on the mechanisms of thoughts arising. By witnessing one’s thoughts and emotions instead of being led by them, a person’s awareness transcends the immediate senses of the body and processes of the mind to freely and directly experience the Consciousness Field.
Julanans excel at mechanics, which encompasses all forms of mechanics and mechanical engineering, and the creative arts due to this very understanding of the fundamental mechanics of life, consciousness and experience.