The Autonomous Intergalactic Consciousness Detection Device

The Autonomous Intergalactic Consciousness Detection Device (AICDD) detects signs of intelligent consciousness in distant galaxies by accessing the “Field of Consciousness.” The device integrates with a spaceship’s navigation system and engine, allowing for point-to-point intergalactic travel without the means of return.

Components and Functionality:

Consciousness Interface Module:
AICDD includes an advanced module that interfaces with the Consciousness Field. It detects and interprets patterns, frequencies, or resonances associated with intelligent consciousness.

Advanced Sensor Array:
AICDD is believed to contain a highly sensitive array of sensors capable of detecting subtle fluctuations in energy, vibrations, or other properties indicative of consciousness. These sensors are crucial for detecting potential consciousness signatures at distant locations.

3. Quantum Communication System:
The AICDD is attuned to receiving information across vast intergalactic distances.

4. Integrated AI and Consciousness Analytics:
It is speculated that the device uses unknown algorithms to interpret and distinguish higher intelligence consciousness signals from more primitive forms of awareness and fixes upon the first one identified.

5. Navigation and Point-to-Point Travel:
AICDD integrate with a ship’s navigation and flight control system that calculates the optimal trajectory to reach detected points of potential consciousness.
The AICDD is the only device that maintains the target location whilst travelling through netherspace to execute precise point-to-point intergalactic jumps.

6. No Means of Return:
Due to the hundreds of millions of planets with intelligent lift, and the device’s random selection method, it cannot navigate back to the point of departure. Not having the capability of discerning between planets with intelligent life means there can only be one-way travel.

7. Power Generation and Sustainability:
AICDD uses zero-point energy to sustain its operations during the intergalactic journey.