UFO/UAP Sightings in Scotland November/December 1979

There were several reports of UFO sightings in Scotland in November and December 1979. The most famous of these was the Robert Taylor Incident, which occurred on November 9, 1979. Taylor, a forestry worker, claimed to have seen a large, dome-shaped object hovering in a clearing in the woods near Livingston, West Lothian. He described the object as being about 30 feet tall and having a smooth, metallic surface. He also said that he could see three large, dark windows on the side of the object.
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Taylor’s story was widely reported in the Scottish media, and he was even interviewed by the BBC. However, many people were skeptical of his claims, and some suggested that he may have been mistaken about what he saw. Despite the skepticism, Taylor remained adamant that he had seen a UFO.

November and December 1979 saw several other reports of UFO sightings in Scotland. These included sightings of objects described as being cigar-shaped, disc-shaped, and triangular. Some of these sightings were reported by multiple witnesses, and some were even witnessed by police officers.

The high number of UFO sightings in Scotland in 1979 led to speculation that there might be something unusual going on in the country at that time. Some of the other UFO sightings reported in Scotland in November and December 1979 included:

On November 15, 1979, three police officers in Glenrothes, Fife, reported seeing a large, cigar-shaped object flying over the town.
On November 19, 1979, a group of people in Edinburgh witnessed a disc-shaped object hovering over the city center.
On December 1, 1979, a man in Perthshire reported seeing a triangular object flying over his house.
On December 10, 1979, a woman in Dumfriesshire reported seeing a bright light in the sky that suddenly shot off into the distance.