The Wrychuns

The Wrychuns.

The Wrychun system is a strict hierarchy built upon owning bio-synthetic body parts. Bodyparts cannot be bought or sold, and their manufacture, production and allocation are strictly controlled by The Body Bank. All Bodypart geneticists, engineers and surgeons work for the Bank.

Wrychuns across industries and services work under an overseer with the right to claim the components of subordinates deemed underperforming anytime. This is the foundation of loyalty, promotion and demotion. The more loyal, hardworking and productive a subordinate is, the more likely he will retain or replace a component with the same or better quality model. Equally, an unproductive Wrychun will have a piece removed and replaced with an inferior one. Then, the removed component can be reengineered to replace or upgrade the element of a more productive Wrychun or transplanted whole.

Successful Wrychuns are gifted with ‘Pureparts’, high-performance components. All overseers have 50% or more Purepart components. Wrychuns with more than 50% Pureparts are eligible to apply to be overseers, or if their performance ratio exceeds that of the overseer, they take over the title of overseer.

The same method is used between overseer, executive, senior executive and director. If a Wrychun with custom parts begins to underperform, his parts will be replaced with lower-quality components, and he will be demoted to a lower-grade position.

If an overseer loses a part to an executive, then the overseer claims the best body part from the most productive Wrychun below him or her, risking a loss in productivity. The dependency hierarchy establishes a tension of loyalty and competition threaded up and down the entire chain of command. Above the executive sits Division Directors who have Certified Parts. These are Pureparts that are certified property of the Director.