Squats in Kings Cross in 1970’s

There were a lot of squats in the Kings Cross area in 1979. The area was in a state of decline at the time, with many abandoned buildings. This made it a prime target for squatters attracted by the cheap rent and the sense of community.
Some of the most famous squats in Kings Cross in the 1970s included:
Derby Lodge: This squat was located on York Way, and it was home to a large community of punks and artists
Huntingdon Street: This squat was located on Huntingdon Street and was known for its wild parties and radical politics.
Tunbridge Houses: This squat was located on Tunbridge Road, home to a diverse group of people, including punks, squatters, and travellers.
There’s an excellent website with some great photos by Mark Cawson, aka Smiler: photographing london squats from the 70s to the 90s The Image above is just one of the several you can find there.