Anarchy & The Peoples Infantry in ‘Nanopunk’

In ‘Nanopunk’, the Peoples Infantry is an organised alliance of Veterans and Anarchist Hackers
Nanopunk is based in the near future. The world is recovering from The Big Freeze which had seen Private Military Corporations called in to help Governments maintain order when almost half the world’s population perished.
With limited resources, the wealthy bought themselves to the front of the queue leaving the rest of the population dependent on The Peoples Infantry (PI) to liberate additional food and resources. The PI also help with protecting isolated communities from roaming gangs.
When Alister discovers he is infected with nanoparticles that give him remote access to and control of any network -or any isolated electronic device through physical contact with it, he becomes a target for Government Security forces, the Private Military Corporations and Mercenaries. Luckily it is the Anarchists that get to him first and when he discovers Lycus, A military corporation, is planning an experiment in the centre of Toronto that could kill thousands of innocent people, he joins forces with the PI to bring Lycus down.
Now all he has to do is not get caught or killed

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